DermoviaWe are soooo excited to tell you about a new product we are carrying in the shop. Introducing the Lace Your Face Mask, the first professional in-home facial treatment that features LaceTex® gauze compression technology to radically repair and renew the skin. Each mask is infused with advanced, clinical-grade ingredients that treat various skin conditions for long-lasting benefits. Experience transforming results while effortlessly restoring balance and radiance back to healthy, happy skin! Check out the results!

LaceTex® Technology

  • Gauze-like lace provides breathability for pores and deep infusion of serum
  • Remains moist for prolonged treatment
  • Contours and Compresses to soften skin
  • Lifts and Secures to tighten skin

15+ Minute Facial • Reusable

  • Simple, Mess-free, and No rinse required
  • Contains enough serum for a second application*


  • Natural Stretch Cotton Lace
  • Comfortable hypoallergenic fabric
  • Unique Ear and Chin Strap
  • Allows for complete mobility and Multitasking


  • Steep to warm mask to open pores and Refrigerate mask to close pores