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Compassion Care Gift - Paige Family

Cultivated's Compassion Care Gifts were inspired by the journey our family recently walked... This past December our dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, which almost immediately placed us in and out of hospitals, treatment centers, and various care facilities. In an effort to keep him comfortable, usher in a spirit of peace, and provide a feeling of home, I kept a well-packed bag of “comfort essentials” at the ready. Included, were a number of cherished items from Cultivated - many of which I already had in my home.

During our time in hospice Tiombé and mom lovingly assembled customized gift bags for each of the nurses, doctors, and staff that walked us through that week with our dad. The gifts were a small token of our endless appreciation for the way they cared for not only my father, but our entire family.

From the H blankets to our floral diffusers, candles, journals and more, each hand-picked treasure, gifted and received, has a story with special meaning and purpose for its recipeint.

We know so many around us are experiencing sickness, bereavement, loss, or other challenges. Knowing how hard it can be to thoughtfully and intentionally put together a gift that physically expresses a loving touch, a feeling of empathy, or comfort, we're sharing our compassion care gifts with you. We know that each curated package will be the warm hug, loving smile, or thoughtful embrace needed to show others how much you care.

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  • This is awesome! I misplaced my lip balm and just came across it recently and it reminded me of the warmth and compassion your family has forever left with us (The " mentioned hospice team"). This is such an act of kindness, willingness to serve and ministry even in the midst… Thank you for sharing your family with us and leaving us with such an encounter with what Agape love really looks and feels like May God richly bless your family and this ministry


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