Wish Capsule Bracelet - Compassion Care Gift

It's been a moment since we've talked compassion care gifts and I wanted to share this item, our Wish Capsule Bracelets.

When our dad made his heavenly transition I looked for ways to have him, and some of our special memories close. I love the idea of our Wish Capsule Bracelets for writing, storing, and having his favorite scripture wrapped around my wrist. I also gifted a bracelet to my brother and sister so they too could add whatever beautiful memory, words, or thought as their very own keepsake.

Jot down and add whatever you'd like to your own bracelet...  a personal goal, funny quote, college memory, whatever your heart desires. It's simple, sentimental, and stylish. My hope is that it brings you (or whomever the wearer is) joy.

Enjoy yours here.



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