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If you’ve read the story of our Compassion Care Gifts, you'll know I had a group of items I called my "comfort essentials" that our family used relentlessly during our various stays at different healthcare facilities while my dad was battling cancer. One of the main items I was always sure to pack was the Cultivated H Cozy Blanket. I'd originally purchased the orange and brown version a few months before we learned of my dad's diagnosis and proudly sported them around my house, (a great savings and dupe of the original Hermés blanket). 

Fast-forward to our first hospital stay in January (and for all the ones after), the blanket is a perfect size, weight, and super-soft with the perfect amount of stretch. The ‘H’ on the blanket (which of course, originally represents Hermés) took on a new meaning as nurses and doctors would ask, a bit perplexed as there was no 'H' in my dad's name. Tiombé or I would respond that it stood for hope and healing.

In the days leading up to my dad's heavenly transition while we all hunkered down in his hospice room together, at some point every family member found themselves swaddled in one of the two H blankets. There is no special meaning in the blanket in and of itself however, what I’ve come to cherish is that it wrapped each of my family members - making us feel warm and comforted. 

I love that even today when I wrap myself in my H cozy blanket it still holds a bit of my dad’s scent and makes me feel closer to him. 

Whether you’re gifting this to someone, keeping it in your own home, or purchasing it as a fashion dupe my prayer is that it wraps you in hope (and even healing) for whatever moment you find yourself in.

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