Mini Rolly Bracelet

Mini Rolly Bracelet

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This timeless gold watch band style bracelet is a Bracha BEST SELLER and one of Tiombe's favorite pieces of jewelry. You can find her wearing just about everyday.


  • Gold plated over stainless steel 
  • Water / Tarnish resistant 

Pairs well with Rolly Earrings and Ring.


This is the highest quality of them all. Styles plated over stainless steel are non tarnishing, hypoallergenic and water proof. You still want to wipe off at the end wearing it with a small jewelry cloth.


Proudly sold in over 1200 locations nationwide including top retailers like Nordstrom, Revolve, Free People, and highlighted in major publications.  By using a mix of gold-filled, plated, and stainless steel metals. BRACHA is able to offer unique, on-trend, and affordable pieces without compromising quality.

In Hebrew Bracha ''[Bra*ka]'' means blessing. Through  the sale of their jewelry, they provide financial support to strategic partners like Chain Reaction, The A21 Campaign, and a few others leading the global fight against human trafficking.  

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