Electric Lighter

Electric Lighter

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What a wonderful gift for men or women!  This best-seller is sleek and modern looking, while also environmentally friendly because it will last a long time.  It comes boxed for easy gifting. 

In only 1-2 hours, you can fully recharge your lighter and it will last for hundreds of uses.  The long stem allows you to easily and safely light candles, portable stoves, sparklers and more. 

Includes USB Charging Cord


  • Push in the safety button and push up on the switch. The arc on the top of the ignition port will light and form an electric current.
  • To light the target, continue to press and hold the ignition button and move slowly to the target to light it. 
  • When finished, release the switch and it will turn the power off.


  • Do not try to light for more than 7 seconds at a time
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Make sure the arc tip is free of debris before lighting
  • Do not touch the arc tip to skin or combustibles when using the product
  • Keep away from high temperatures and liquids
  • Do not stab, try to open, or puncture the lighter
  • Only use the included charging cord to recharge lighter
  • Do not touch the electric spark


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